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House Rewiring

House rewiring can be a large, dangerous job but with John Cook Electrical you are in safe hands. If you are noticing persistent electrical issues your home may need to be rewired, particularly if it is an older building. John Cook Electrical will bring all of your wiring up-to-date and ensure everything is properly installed giving you complete peace of mind. In addition to rewiring your home, John Cook Electrical can also perform other general maintenance and repair works to ensure everything is in working order.
The price for house rewiring can vary depending on the size and specifications of your house; luckily, John Cook Electrical offers a free call-out and quotation for all electrical works.

For a high-quality, affordable house rewiring service call now.

Signs Your House Needs Rewiring

✔ Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips – A circuit breaker will trip the electrical flow when the circuit exceeds the number of amps it can handle. Circuit breakers can trip for several reasons e.g. overheating appliances, but it can also be a sign that you have faulty wiring.

✔ Aluminium Wiring – You can check if you have aluminium wiring by looking for ‘AL’ on the wiring jacket. Failing aluminium wire connections are a fire hazard and require replacement.

✔ Discoloured/Charred Outlets & Switches – This indicated a short being caused by either a loose connection or faulty wiring near the outlet/switch. Loose connections can lead to small fires which causes the charring.

✔ Burning Smell – If you notice a persistent burning smell that doesn’t seem to have a source this can be an indicator that you have an electrical short.

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Latest House Rewiring Blogs

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